Senior Product and Solution Lead (remote USA only)

Job description

Make is seeking a full-time Senior Solution and Product Lead to craft help determine the why, what and how of building large-scale software. Beyond product vision and problem solving, it’s important for this person to effectively lead remote team members, communicate well with enterprise-level clients and have a genuine enthusiasm for their craft!

Our team is passionate about creating world-class software (like this) and we want you to make us even better. If this sounds like it might fit what you’re looking for too, read on, and get in touch.


Manager of One

We rely on everyone at Make to do a lot of self-management and take initiative. People who do this well are ‘managers of one,’ and we strive for everyone to fully embody this principle. That means setting your own direction when one isn't given. Determining what needs to be done, and doing it, without waiting for someone to tell you to. A good way to answer this is be asking which of the following helps you thrive in your work:

    • Do I thrive when given detailed tasks of what to do, how to do them and when to do them?
    • Or do I thrive when given requirements + priorities...and prefer to self-manage my tasks? (this is what we're looking for)

A Passion For Solving Problems

Our clients have real businesses, real customers, real opportunities and real pain points. We quickly learn their product and internal workings. Our customers view us as trusted advisors and thought leaders. This role materially shapes the products, platforms and features that our award-winning team will produce. It's important that this role helps bring clarity to ambiguous requirements or product needs...ultimately creating clear technical solutions.

About Make (

Make is a highly personable product software agency based in Texas with ~40 team members worldwide. We’re passionate about creating world-class software that people enjoy using. We’re a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, designers and other great folks. Our work has been featured in Techcrunch, Mashable, US Weekly, CBS News, Texas Monthly and The Today Show. We’re proud to have a portfolio of work that is used by millions of people every week and that’s been featured 25+ times in the Apple App Store and Google Play store. At the end of the day, we view this as our life’s work (more than our work life).

Culture + Remote Work

We’re not only passionate about our craft but also about our culture. We deeply believe that work is purposeful and that culture is one of the most important parts of any team.


Role and Responsibilities

  • Discovery Phases: facilitate clients and team members towards why + what of product development (ie: product direction, strategy, ideation, story mapping, etc)

    • Solutioning Work: determine 'how' a product or system should work (ie: researching and scorecarding platforms to integrate, collaborating with an architect on the system architecture, collaborating with a tech lead on sequence diagrams for core features, etc)

      • Scoping Work: facilitate team members towards breaking down scope into actionable work (includes writing high-level requirements and identifying the tasks needed to execute the work)

  • Key Relationships: develop and maintain key relationships

  • Product Management and Roadmaps: shape and define product strategy and roadmaps
  • Communication: communicate well with sophisticated clients who work at enterprise brands


Start Window:
December 2023 - January 2024
Full-time (USA only)
Communication Requirements:
Must (1) have good communication skills, (2) fluent in English, (3) and be available for video calls during the workday. 

Prior Experience

  • +4 years of relevant work experience specific to the role

    • +2 years of experience doing this at a software agency

  • Solution Architect: experience defining and creating the solutions for at least 3 large-scale software systems/products from scratch

  • Requirements and Leadership: experience leading a team of people through determining what to create, how to structure it, the detailed requirements of it and the plan to execute it


  • Loves problem solving

  • Loves strategy

  • Has a strong work ethic

  • Enjoys self-managing and taking initiative

  • Follows-through on responsibilities

  • Positivity